Active Support

At 1st Woodcutts, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset


For who: Adults

When: Flexible

Extra Info: ASU members help at section meetings, at Group camps, with fund-raising, with the running of this website, with the annual firework display and with general maintenance of the Group's equipment and HQ

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Interested in volunteering some time to help Scouting at 1st Woodcutts?

The 1st Woodcutts Active Support Unit (ASU) is a full Section in its own right within the Group. It is a way for adults to support the work of the group and its leaders without needing to take on the full responsibilities and training required to qualify as a Leader.

In 2015, the ASU took the lead in setting up and running the Group's new Air-Rifle shooting range, providing the opportunity for our young people and for visiting groups to learn to handle and shoot air-rifles with qualified and experienced instructors.

2018 our members decided to become qualified to offer axe-throwing as another activity to the group.

No prior experience in Scouting is required to join the ASU, just a willingness to give up some time (and to have some fun too).


John Carlyle-Clarke

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, CC


  • Group:
  • Position: ASU Manager
  • Activity: Cycling, Pizza making
  • Camp: Gurnsey
  • Camp Food: Breakfast Burrito
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: Abseiling: love it, I thought I was scared of heights

Peter Briggs

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Peter


  • Group:
  • Position: ASU
  • Activity: Rifles, Archery, Spear-throwing & Bushcraft
  • Camp: Family & Survival
  • Camp Food: Chicken Curry
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: *On* the water is fine; in it - nah!

Paul Styles

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Bagheera


  • Group:
  • Position: Assistant Cub Leader
  • Activity: Climbing
  • Camp: Family Camp
  • Camp Food: Sunday Roast!
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: Cave bus @Butchers Coppice

Simon Meaden

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Badger


  • Group:
  • Position: ASU
  • Activity: Pot holing!!
  • Camp: ...
  • Camp Food: ...
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: ...

Jaqui Blake

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Dependable Jaq

Dependable Jaq

  • Group:
  • Position: First aid, shop, fireworks +
  • Activity: Camp craft
  • Camp: Family camps
  • Camp Food: Toasted Marshmallows
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: Phoning work on valentines, forgot husband was upstairs asleep!

Mike Swan

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Doc Swan

Doc Swan

  • Group:
  • Position: Bushcraft
  • Activity: ...
  • Camp: Survival Camp
  • Camp Food: Roast Venison
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: ...

Duncan Chandler

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Duncan


  • Group:
  • Position: in a hammock
  • Activity: NSRA Air Rifle, Pistol, Axe Throwing, Survival, Bushcraft
  • Camp: Kimmeridge 1983
  • Camp Food: Slow Roast Lamb
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: Parachuting

Nick Ross

First Woodcutts Scout Leader, Nick


  • Group:
  • Position: Cook, air rifles and...
  • Activity: Air Rifles
  • Camp: ...
  • Camp Food: ...
  • Arms folded the wrong way moment: ...