Remembrance Parade

Message from Skip John Curtis

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 23rd November 2022 :: Latest Blog Posts

Picture: /files/blog/72/w288/007--13th-nov-2022----photo-by-ash-mills.jpgA big thank you to all of the young people who came to the Remembrance parade, you were so smartly turned out, it was great to see our newest section join us. Our Squirrels appear so small, but nonetheless very enthusiastic. I was so proud to be leading you up the High Street. (about a 95% turn out, 133 on parade).

The standard bearers were exemplary, best lower before and raise after the 2 minutes silence ever.

I'm so sorry that some of you were unwell, we are glad to hear that you are all recovered, my thanks to all of the adults who tended to the casualties.

Thanks also to you the parents for your support with this event.

On a personal note I was so proud to have two of my Grandchildren laying the Scout Groups wreath with me today, my forever family memory.

Picture: /files/blog/72/w288/026--13th-nov-2022----photo-by-ash-mills.jpg