Cubs help build a roundhouse

Cubs have helped build a round house, made giant bubbles, built obstacle courses, done tracking and den building in Garston Wood and had some very good water fights this term!

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 20th July 2022 :: Latest Blog Posts

Cubs from 1st Woodcutts helped spread the daub on the Iron Age Roundhouse being created by the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre ready for the Chalke Valley History Festival.

Friends of the group, Caroline and Tom, will be living in the roundhouse for the festival week and passing on their knowledge of the era.

Photos thanks to Ash Mills Photography

Picture: /files/blog/69/w288/round-house-2.jpg Picture: /files/blog/69/w288/round-house.jpg Picture: /files/blog/69/w288/vn604454.jpg