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1st Woodcutts are looking for adult helpers and leaders in all sections

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 1st January 2022 :: Latest Blog Posts

1st Woodcutts need new adults to help lead in all our sections!

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Love craft, enjoy games, want to become part of our team?

It will require you to give up some of your time to work with our youngsters week by week during term time.  But, we can promise you that the pleasure and sense of purpose you will gain from your interaction with them are truly rewarding, not to mention the companionship and satisfaction from being part of our dedicated leadership team.  Naturally, we appreciate that many of you may not have the time to become fully-fledged leaders but maybe you could volunteer to become an occasional helper.  Previous experience is not necessary but a willingness to enter into it wholeheartedly and to become a valued team member most certainly is.  So, if you think you could become an active part of 1st Woodcutts, do get in touch with John (aka Skip) (01725 552397) or Pete (aka Pedro) for a no-obligation discussion.

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With many thanks for taking the time to read this appeal

Yours sincerely,

Skip and Pedro.

Tel: 01725 552397