Escape Room evenings!

Cubs and Scouts have both held escape room evenings as part of their virtual programmes - would you like to try them?

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 9th June 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

Thinking of team events to get Cubs and Scouts working together on our Zoom  pack nights was tricky and then we found Virtual Escape rooms. Thankfully some very clever people had been there before us and so with a quick Google we found these two and had great fun.


Picture: /files/blog/50/w288/untitled-1.jpgCubs

South Berkshire Explorers Escape Room was chosen for the Cubs, there were multiple choice answers so it was easier than the one for Scouts, but still plenty enough of a challenge and it was great to see how different Cubs found ideas for answers and solutions to the problems.

How did it work out?

24 Cubs joined in the evening and we split into 6 breakout rooms on Zoom with 2 adults in each room.

One adult in each room was the Leader and shared their screen and read the story - though in my room I soon found the Cubs were reading the story themselves. I asked the leaders to run through the Escape Room on their own first, just in case the Cubs got really stuck!

The Cubs each worked out the clues with their own papers and pencils and then asked the leader to try the answer when they had agreed on one. If they didn't get it - there was a handy "I need a hint" option!

I sent out a sheet with the detailed boards on as if the Leaders connection wasn't good/the Cub was using a small device the clues weren't very clear.

It took between 40mins and 1.5hours for the groups to complete!


Picture: /files/blog/50/w288/untitled-1%20%281%29.jpgScouts heard how much fun the Escape Room evening had been (we'd borrowed a Scout Leader to lead one of our breakout rooms and a couple of Scouts had joined in with their siblings) so wanted to join in too.

So they chose to do 6th Rayleigh Sea Scouts Escape Room. This was more tricky as there weren't multiple choice and codes were numerical and alphabetical and although there were clues when you tried an answer there was more guesswork and trial and error involved.

The 12 Scouts were split into 3 groups again with 2 leaders and completed the task in about 1 to 1.25 hours!