Virtual Camp is Here!

All sorts of activities for you to get involved in on Virtual Camp this weekend

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 9th May 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

Welcome to Virtual Camp!


12 noon - Welcome from Skip
12:15 noon - 7pm: Breakout activities - Cooking & Crafts see below
12:15pm - Zoom Cubs 'pack for camp' scavenger hunt
7pm Campfire
8pm Quiz night -

Let's play 1st Woodcutts Virtual Camp Quiz May 2020 at your own pace, anytime! Check it out and see how much you know. Can you set a high score?

Click the link or enter the quiz pin on the Kahoot! website:

Quiz PIN: 09353483

Not used Kahoot! before? It's a game based learning platform that makes learning awesome. Millions of teachers around the world use it to create engaging games that introduce topics, reinforce knowledge, and improve learning outcomes. 


10am - Scouts own Rick the Vic

Download Service sheet .pdf

10.15am  - 1pm - Breakout activities - Walk to the moon
12noon - Camp dismissed by Skip




Build a Den

Make a crown


VE day
History & Activities

Materials needed:
Shelter making stuff
VE day colouring sheets
VE Word Search
VE day bunting sheets or make your own designs!

Paper Aeroplanes
3 styles to try

Materials needed:
A4 paper
Measuring tape (optional)

3 scones for afternoon tea

Ingredients: 200g self-raising flour, 75g butter/margarine, 1 large egg, 25g caster sugar, 50g sultanas/ raisins (optional) a little milk, pinch of salt.

Equipment: large mixing bowl, 6/ 7cm fluted pastry cutter (don't worry if you don't have one of these - you can use a glass instead) baking tray, cooling rack.

Magic Tricks
try it on your family!

Materials needed:
1 pack of cards

Ben's Pizza

Picture: /files/blog/48/w288/pizza.png

Pizza Recipe.pdf

Ben's Burgers

Picture: /files/blog/48/w288/burger-recipe.png

Burger Recipe.pdf

Ben's Pancakes

Picture: /files/blog/48/w288/pancake.png

Pancake Recipe.pdf

Foodie anagrams



what can you find in your garden?

on Virtual Camp

Fire Lighting

More fire lighting
with Skip Skip this time!


Sunday Hike to the Moon

Hike to the Moon Challenge!

Your challenge is to hike a mile or so; out on a walk around where you live, in the garden or up and down the stairs like Tim Peake! If you do go out for a walk please remember to stay safe. You can record your hike distance on the Scout website to reach the 240,000 mile target, set for all Scouts throughout the UK.

See: for more information on this challenge, including a great video from Chief Scout Bear Grylls and Astronaut Tim Peake. This challenge is setup in part to help those in need, so if you wish you can donate to Children in Need and Comic Relief. There are also extra challenges you can get involved with like creating your very own rocket design. So, check out the website and get involved!

Remember to post a photo or video of your Hike to the Moon challenge so your leaders can see what you've been up to. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy camp!

Camp Fire - a taster...

Quater master...

Other ideas from Nige the Cheese!

Good fun activities that the Woodcutts Family may enjoy.
These are just suggested ideas because if you have extra resources or time.

How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami

Hazel sticks or "wands" cut green today. Once the bark is stripped off you can cook a dough damper, a sausage on a stick or toast marshmallows over the fire- delicious!

Picture: /files/blog/48/w288/img-0211.jpg


Hopefully tonight the skies will be clear again! Last night was a great stargazing experience.
The link attached is from 2012 but it still makes for brilliant viewing.
Hopefully this will be of interest to scouts and families alike.
This is a great camp craft activity. It's very addictive and appeals to all ages.
Come on Woodcutts please show me how creative you are?
You can use lolly sticks, bamboo (mind any sharp edges) hazel or willow wood.
You can use wool or scraps of material cut into thin lengths.