Scouting Astronomers!

Hello all Scouts. This is our first virtual meeting and we are going to carry on the great work you started towards your Astronomer Badge.

Naomi Booth :: Monday 23rd March 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

We want to hear how you got on, so please email your sheets back to your leader. Even better, post some pictures of the night sky or you out using the star wheels.



We are also encouraging you to think about the part of the Scout promise which says 'do my best and help other people'. How can you be helping those around you at the moment? This might be in your house or those living around you.

Astronomy badge

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working on the Astronomy badge, this included making telescopes, using a star wheel and constructing a model of the solar system. This week you will continue to work towards this badge and hopefully will have earned it before Easter.

If you didn't take the star wheel home, you can follow this link to make another -

When there is a clear night (this evening is looking good), get outside and have a look at the night sky. Remember, your eyes take about 15 minutes for them to adjust to the dark. Don't use a torch to read the start chart. If you are really struggling then use a torch with a red filter on it. You will still have to let your eyes adjust to the darkness to see most of the night sky.

You need to let us know what three constellations you observed. To help, we have put together a couple a page which you can email back to your leader with what you saw. 

If you are a Scout on Monday evening and in Chase Group, please email to Martin
If you are a Scout on Tuesday night Chalke troop, then email to Rob on

 The International Space Station is also very bright over the coming week. The times below are when you should be able to see it in the sky –

Picture: /files/blog/42/w288/bright-light.png

The next task is to be able to describe some key astronomical terms These are

  • celestial
  • equator
  • poles
  • circumpolar
  • zodiac.

Again, there is space in the sheet for you to write your understanding of these terms.



One of the skills we are looking at for next term is photography. Rick the Vic will hopefully be able to give some top tips on photographing the night sky.

We hope you enjoy completing the final parts of the Astronomer badge.


'on my honour I promise to do my best and to help other people'

Finally, a part of the Scout Promise is 'on my honour I promise to do my best and to help other people'. There is no better time than now to help others around you. It might be helping those you live with daily tasks, helping a younger brother or sister with their home learning or helping those who live around you. Think hard how you can help and to live this part of your Scout Promise. We would love to hear how you have helped others.


Right, lets wrap up for now. Go safe and we look forward to reading your astronomy sheets and hearing about how you have helped other people.

Turn to the right, dismissed.