Cubs go into space!!

Helloooooo Cubs, how are you doing? Welcome to the next instalment of our online Cub Sessions which supports the video I have posted on the Scout website.

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 21st March 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

Well we are all living in strange times and learning to adapt to new ways of doing things. Just because we cannot meet face to face for the time being your Scout leaders wanted to do something to help keep our special group together, keep your amazing Scouting achievements progressing and also hopefully give you some fun challenges to complete to help with the isolation from school and friends. Let's all be honest here, screens and games might seem fun to start with but 3 months of that is definitely going to fry those little grey cells which we all need to nurture right now!!

Now I'm very aware that the priority for you (and Mums and Dads) still has to be how to structure and maintain school learning while you are at home. We definitely do not want to get in the way of that. Our aim is to provide you with some fun challenges to do as a break from school work and which will help you earn more Scouting badges towards achieving your Chief Scouts Award. The idea is that you provide the evidence of completion of the various elements using as many different ways as possible .... Video, Photo, PowerPoint, Word docs etc etc. The more innovative the better! From today we will be able to provide you with a place to login and upload everything using Online Scout Manager (exciting).This is something new which they have just set up and we are still learning about but we would like you to try and access the Parent Portal part of the site and see how you get on. You should then be able to share all of your evidence with us by uploading it to OSM!. I have also put a link at the end of this email to all of the available Cub badges. You don't just have to stick to the ones we send you, choose anything you like.

So the first one we are going to ask you to go for is the Astronomy badge.
The details of what has to be done are listed below. Try and and be inventive with how you do this, particularly with modelling the solar system and working out the measurements. Pictures of this would be good.
I have also added some links to online resource and to some interesting videos to watch.

Good Luck, be safe and speak to you again soon.


Astronomer Activity Badge

How to earn your badge

Make a model or draw a simple diagram of the solar system.

Explain the difference between a planet and a star.

Learn how to observe the sun safely. Find out and explain how the earth moves around the sun.

Observe the moon, using binoculars or a telescope if you can. Describe some of its features.

Identify three constellations.

Find out about two space-related subjects and present some information about them. You could find out about planets, the history of space exploration or space technology.

Download Worksheet .pdf

Download Worksheet .docx


Useful link to astronomy based resources

Some interesting astronomy linked videos for you to watch

Link to all Cub Badges,67,776