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What they did in the Autumn Term

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 23rd January 2020 :: Latest Blog Posts

Picture: /files/blog/37/w288/74205673-10215480910323696-3814890089469706240-n.jpgIn the autumn term Cubs on both Arctic Monday and Timber Wednesday nights completed their World Challenge Award.

The world challenge award allows us to explore other cultures, beliefs and faiths as well as realising that there are cubs all over the world who make similar promises to us and play some fantastic games. The cubs were asked to research promises and games from other countries. They then told each other what they had found out and led games from around the world. This included the Cockrell game from Mexico standing on one leg and trying to steal a neckerchief from your opponents pocket, the Chinese Dragon game and most hilariously the camel game which is kind of like a piggyback race only the piggy is a camel made up of two cubs.

The autumn the celebration we chose to explore was harvest and fall. We explored the English harvest traditions, baking apple cake and being thankful for those who bring in the harvest and make our food. We made Diwali lamps celebrating the Hindu festival of light, origami chopstick holders whilst learning about the Japanese fall Festival and some fabulous pumpkin carving. We were also very pleased to be able to invite back Richard who showed us Buddhist meditation practices and some photos from his recent trip to a Buddhist temple in the Himalayas.

Picture: /files/blog/37/w288/78223389-10220712897080669-4277095073792917504-o.jpgResearching their world games online meant that our cubs could work towards their digital citizen badge. We learnt about computers and the Internet and was a wonderful guest helpers created animations, photos and posters to achieve our digital makers badge.

You probably saw the posters inviting you to collect your crisp packets in the last issue. It was great to be able to link the digital makers badge with this part of the World Challenge Award, our community activity. We also arranged a Christmas collection for the Trussell Trust.

The final weeks we celebrated Solstice, made beautiful felted acorns with Gitta and practiced our Christmas songs around the campfire. We then joined the whole Woodcutts group for a celebration of our scouting year in St Marys Church. We were very proud to award two Silver Scout Awards (the highest award achievable by cubs) and wish all our cubs who are moving to Scouts this term many more adventures with 1st Woodcutts. Picture: /files/blog/37/w288/78559074-10220712895680634-253767425424621568-o.jpg