Remembrance Sunday 2019

Remembrance Sunday saw 115 of us parade through the village

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 12th November 2019 :: Latest Blog Posts

Picture: /files/blog/35/w288/057-10thnov2019-----photo-by-ash-mills.jpgWe walked to the cenotaph and into church for the Remembrance service, each of the young people wearing a luggage label. Canon Richards sermon related to the evacuees during World War II and he tied this in with the fact many of the young people were of the age of many of our youngsters; the labels of course related to the evacuees. A suitcase was set up at the back of the church similar to what the young people of that time would have used; inside was what they were allowed to bring with them - it was not very much - a very moving service which was pitched for all of us to enjoy and understand.

Picture: /files/blog/35/w288/030-10thnov2019-----photo-by-ash-mills.jpg Picture: /files/blog/35/w288/067-10thnov2019-----photo-by-ash-mills.jpg

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