Cubs in the Community

Cubs have been on a visit to Yeovilton, been collecting Crisp packets and have made a collection for the Trussel Trust Food Bank

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 2nd October 2019 :: Latest Blog Posts

Picture: /files/blog/34/w288/72126228-10220189086545733-4535260764771975168-o.jpgOver half the Cub membership joined a District organised day out at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton. As always, the young people of Woodcutts were both enthusiastic and exceptionally well behaved.

We were also fortunate to discover that one of our accompanying parents has a wealth of aeronautical knowledge which he was happy to pass on to willing ears as we made our way around.



Cubs Community projects

Picture: /files/blog/34/w288/cubs-digital-citizen.jpgCubs have started one of their community projects this week - collecting crisp packets for recycling. Our collection will be put together with the community collection in St.Marys Church, Sixpenny Handley (open from 9am till dusk every day) so please do collect your crisp packets and help protect our global community. Packets must be free of crumbs and completely flat (no funny folds or triangles please).

The Cubs have made an animation and poster to encourage you to recycle your crisp packets. So please visit to watch it!

Picture: /files/blog/34/w288/collection.jpgOur Second community project was to make a collection for the Trussel Trust Food Bank in Salisbury. Many thanks to Toby 1st Woodcutts friend and Trussel Trust Volunteer for picking up the collection last week and delivering it to Salisbury.

As part of our digital maker badge Cubs created posters, animations and took photos to promote our community activities.