Sub-zero camp and mountain bike wash = a Shelterbox

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 2nd January 2018 :: Latest Blog Posts

Winter Camo for ShelterBoxAfter visiting the headquarters of Shelterbox during last year's Summer Camp in Cornwall, the group have decided they would like to help this good cause and have set themselves the challenge of fundraising £1200, enough to purchase 2 Shelterboxes.

Rising to the challenge, 16 Scouts and Explorers braved the wind and rain and held a Winter Camp between Christmas and New Year. The young people camped without any electrics, cooking over wood and staying in tents.The Explorers, always looking for a greater challenge, built shelters and slept wild – quite an achievement given the time of year.

A number of the young people and leaders then washed mountains bikes the following day at an organised ride in Sixpenny Handley.

In all, the two events raised an impressive £600 for Shelterbox. This means within just three weeks of setting the fundraising goal, the young people have already raised enough to purchase one Shelterbox!

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