Scouts meet every Monday from 7pm till 9pm at the Scout Hut.
Our Scout Troop Leader is

There is currently a mixed group of about 25 Scouts. Boys and girls are welcome to join.

Report from Rob Easton to the Group Committee meeting, Nov 2014

It has been another cracking term so far at Scouts.

Over the last couple of weeks the Scouts have been prepping for fireworks, delivering leaflets, cooking the pumpkin soup, frying onions (the smell has just about diminished) and then the tidy up after the display. The Scouts have also been preparing for Remembrance Sunday, having made a poppy each and fixing to a wreath made by Nigel. We have 29 members in the Section and coincidently there were 29 people from the village who lost their life during times of conflict. This is a very poignant reminder for the young people.

During the ASU review back in the Summer it was suggested the Scouts should get out and about more and be seen to be involved in the local community. As always, we have tried to do our best and in recent weeks have been involved in clearing the shrubs by the war memorial and then helping at the Regard Gardens at Rushmoor. This was a fantastic day with the young people working alongside adults with learning difficulties and with another volunteer organisation from North Dorset. The young people cleared a huge mound of weeds (in half the time we expected) and then shifted soil to help fill plant beds and make a ramp for the easy access toilet. Thank you to Ant for running this activity and make it happen.

The coming weeks are perhaps the toughest for the group. The cold, dark evenings have set in and the term becomes more disjointed the closer we get to Christmas as other activities draw on the Scouts time. We have a good programme of activities planned and will make sure the Scouts are still challenged and have a great night each week.