Interested in volunteering some time to help Scouting at 1st Woodcutts?
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The 1st Woodcutts Active Support Unit (ASU) is a full Section in its own right within the Group. It is a way for adults to support the work of the group and its leaders without needing to take on the full responsibilities and training required to qualify as a Leader.

ASU members help at section meetings, at Group camps, with fund-raising, with the running of this website, with the annual firework display and with general maintenance of the Group's equipment and HQ.

In 2015, the ASU will take the lead in setting up and running the Group's new Air-Rifle shooting range, providing the opportunity for our young people and for visiting groups to learn to handle and shoot air-rifles with qualified and experienced instructors.

No prior experience in Scouting is required to join the ASU, just a willingness to give up some time (and to have some fun too).

Peter Briggs, the 1st Woodcutts ASU Manager, writes of his experiences helping with the 2014 District Camp here, in an article originally published in The Downsman, and of helping to run the 2014 Survival Camp here.

For details on how to join the ASU, please contact Peter by email: