Beavers bright colourful picture challenge

Beavers are you ready to bring a little ray of sunshine to your village community?

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 19th March 2020

We've made you a 1st Woodcutts template to download so you can make your brightest most colourful happy picture ever, then you can put it up in your window for all of your neighbours to see... it's the kind of thing that will put a little smile on people's faces and help them to have a better day!

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Entertainer Badge at home for Timber Wolf Cubs!

No Entertainer badge performance tonight, maybe you could do it at home and send us a video?

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 18th March 2020

So Timber Cubs - no cubs tonight!

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Community Litter Pick

Saturday 14th March 1st Woodcutts took part in the Sixpenny Handley Community Litter Pick organised by our own Bagheera!

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 17th March 2020

We asked the Cubs as part of their World Challenge badge what they'd like to do to make a positive impact for their community? They suggested a litter pick so we have organised one! Working with the Parish Council, we'll started from the Parish Council office and work our way around the village collecting litter.

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Cubs discover the world

What they did in the Autumn Term

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 23rd January 2020

In the autumn term Cubs on both Arctic Monday and Timber Wednesday nights completed their World Challenge Award. The world challenge award allows us to explore other cultures, beliefs and faiths as well as realising that there are cubs all over the world who make similar promises to us and play some fantastic games. The cubs were asked to research promises and games from other countries. They then told each other what they had found out and led games from around the world. This included the Cockrell game from Mexico standing on one leg and trying to steal a neckerchief from your opponents pocket, the Chinese Dragon game and most hilariously the camel game which is kind of like a piggyback race only the piggy is a camel made up of two cubs.

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Beaver Leader for our growing Group...

Put your skills to use, learn new ones, and contribute to an amazing life experience for you and your local community.

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 10th December 2019

1st Woodcutts are looking for a Beaver Colony Leader on Tuesdays 5-6pm to join the established adult team.

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Remembrance Sunday 2019

Remembrance Sunday saw 115 of us parade through the village

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 12th November 2019

We walked to the cenotaph and into church for the Remembrance service, each of the young people wearing a luggage label. Canon Richards sermon related to the evacuees during World War II and he tied this in with the fact many of the young people were of the age of many of our youngsters; the labels of course related to the evacuees. A suitcase was set up at the back of the church similar to what the young people of that time would have used; inside was what they were allowed to bring with them - it was not very much - a very moving service which was pitched for all of us to enjoy and understand.

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Fireworks Spectacular 2019

Fireworks in Sixpenny Handley on 2nd November our biggest fund-raiser of the year!

Naomi Booth :: Friday 11th October 2019

Plenty of entertainment to enjoy during the evening with fete games run by the Explorer Scouts and omni-glow sold by the FirstSchool.

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Cubs in the Community

Cubs have been on a visit to Yeovilton, been collecting Crisp packets and have made a collection for the Trussel Trust Food Bank

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Over half the Cub membership joined a District organised day out at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton. As always, the young people of Woodcutts were both enthusiastic and exceptionally well behaved.

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Summer Camp 2019

Splashing in the Peak district

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 15th August 2019

At the end of July a mixture of 28 Scouts, Explorers and 10 Leaders drove up to the Peak District for our Summer Camp, (Glabatch Camp Site). It rained all of the way up all of the night and most of Sunday, from memory I think that we only had three dry days and one of those was on Saturday when we drove back. Fortunately our Scout Leader Rob had the foresight in that he had booked us indoor accommodation in a couple of big Farm Houses so at least everyone was sleeping in the dry.

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Gate dedication and AGM

Our AGM was preceded by a dedication of the new HQ gates by our President Richard Adlem in memory of Emily Brown.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 28th June 2019


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