1st Woodcutts 2020/21 round up

Last night we held 1st Woodcutts AGM, we said thanks for some our departing executive members and welcomed some new members to the team. We also had a great overview of Scouting in 2020/21 at 1st Woodcutts and would like to share it with you...

Naomi Booth :: Monday 7th June 2021

From Zoom to face-to-face and back again 1st Woodcutts had an unexpected, but still, very engaging year in 2020, much fun had, skills learned and badges earned. Here are the group reports.

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Pizza @ The Hut 2021

Our fabulous foodie fundraiser is back!

Naomi Booth :: Friday 7th May 2021

Order your handmade wood-fired pizza on Friday and collect from the HQ Saturday evening.

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Virtual Camp 2021

St George's Day themed virtual camp with 1st Woodcutts 23rd April

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 27th March 2021

We can't wait to see you all on Virtual Camp and this page will let you know what we have planned, what materials you will need to find and how you can keep in touch during the weekend...

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Face-to-Face Spring 2021

COVID restrictions are lifting again so Scouting can resume from Friday 26th March!

Naomi Booth :: Monday 15th March 2021

Exciting news, we have been given notification from Headquarters that face-to-face Scouting will resume from Friday the 26th of March, bubble of 15 outside only, 12th of April bubble of 15 outside and inside, also non-residential visits can resume. I would like to thank the Leadership Team who have provided in all sections an exemplary Zoom based programme for the young people, for support I have tried to attend as many of these meetings as possible, I have been amazed by the standard of ingenuity displayed and by the enthusiasm of the young people, of course Zoom meetings do not appeal to all of the youngsters so it will be good to get back to something like normal.

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2020 back outdoors now Zooooooooming into 2021!

Like everyone else Scouting at First Woodcutts is having to adapt again to Lockdown, we had just got used to meeting face-to-face again although that had its own problems in as much that the young people had to meet outside and could only go inside under

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 25th November 2020

Like everyone else Scouting at First Woodcutts is having to adapt again to Lockdown, we had just got used to meeting face-to-face again although that had its own problems in as much that the young people had to meet outside and could only go inside under extreme conditions or circumstances they also had to be in bubbles of 15 and ideally fi ve people which had to have at least three leaders in attendance to supervise, this was okay in the early days as the Beavers and Cubs could complete their program in the light of day, whereas the Scouts and Explorers had to fi nish up in the dark, with the advent of the clocks going back all sections had to contend with working with the loss of light, I am pleased to say that the Leaders and the young people coped admirably, it was getting to the stage that the younger members were increasingly fi nding the outside conditions diff icult, especially with keeping warm, in one way the Lockdown came as a blessing in disguise, meetings will now be on Zoom and social media until this latest setback comes to an end, one thing is for sure the Leadership Team will not give up or be beaten, we will always be there for our young people. Hopefully, at the end of this Lockdown, we will be able to resume face to face meetings but we will have to find some way for Beavers and Cubs to be accommodated, hopefully, the Scout Association will recognise that meeting out of doors in the winter is not suitable for this age group and allow them inside, Scouts and Explorers are made of sterner stuff, whatever we will find a way.

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Summer Scouting and into the Autumn Term!

So much has happened to continue Scouting over the COVID lockdown and now restrictions are eased, find out how 1st Woodcutts have adapted!

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 8th October 2020

Not the normal opportunities to get involved in camping out with Scouts this summer  - so Dorset County Scouts organised Brownsea 113. A virtual camp based on Brownsea Island - it was the 113th Anniversary of the first camp there by Lord Baden Powell.

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Pizza at the Hut

Announcing our new fantastic foodie fundraiser for 1st Woodcutts. "Pizza at the Hut" starting Saturday 18th July until end of September.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 15th July 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our summer foodie fund raiser - Pizza at the Hut. Our amazing group of volunteers have already served over 400 pizzas! Money raised will help us maintain our HQ and enable us to continue Scouting through this pandemic.

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Escape Room evenings!

Cubs and Scouts have both held escape room evenings as part of their virtual programmes - would you like to try them?

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 9th June 2020

Thinking of team events to get Cubs and Scouts working together on our Zoom  pack nights was tricky and then we found Virtual Escape rooms. Thankfully some very clever people had been there before us and so with a quick Google we found these two and had great fun.

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Virtual Camp Report

This May bank holiday would have been camp and the New Forest. Instead all sections 1st Woodcutts joined in our first Virtual Camp.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 22nd May 2020

What is virtual camp? Well it started off as camps do with the flag break by Skip and introduction by Skip Skip via video links. Then all members could choose from activities like paper aeroplane challenge, VE Day activities, den making, scone baking, fire lighting, foraging, whittling and more. There were a range of camp recipes to try for dinner including pizza and burgers. Then in the evening we had a giggle at the campfire videos before gathering together for an online quiz hosted by the Scouts.We all slept, out or in, tents, dens, BASHAs, hammocks maybe a few beds too!In the morning we had the opportunity to join St Marys Church online as Rick the Vic lead Scouts Own from his garden. Then many of us embarked on a 'hike to the moon' a challenge which has been taken up by Scouts throughout the country. www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/scouts-at-home/scouts-helping-others/hike-to-the-moon/Camp finished at midday with flag down again performed by Skip.If you'd like a go at any of our camp activities, they are available online.

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Virtual Camp is Here!

All sorts of activities for you to get involved in on Virtual Camp this weekend

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 9th May 2020

Welcome to Virtual Camp!

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